Guest Post Policy

Due to recent regulations set by Google, we have adjusted our guest posting policy. The following changes to our policy are in effect as of June 1, 2023. Because we are choosing to be compliant with Google’s policy concerning guest posting, we are unable to negotiate any of these new rules:

Acceptable Topics/Links: We accept most General topics and links.

Topics/Links not accepted:

  • Casino/Gambling
  • CBD, Illegal Drugs, or Marijuana
  • Copyrighted Content (ex: Illegal streaming/downloading or how to access them)
  • Adult Content (dating, escort, male enhancement, sex toys)
  • Crypto/NFT
  • Supplements/Product Reviews
  • Essay writing services

Guest Posts Format

  • Depending on your content links will be either in the “featured or sponsored categories” and your story and links will be archived permanently.
  • We do offer writing services. You must submit your own article.
  • Sponsored Guest Post Articles are subject to a disclaimer before and after the article. Disclaimer will state: This story is paid for by an advertiser. Members of the editorial and news staff of were not involved in the creation of this content.”
  • Sponsored Articles will be posted in the SponsoredArticles Category of our website and links will be “sponsored”.
  • Featured Stories will be posted in the FeaturedStories Category and links will be “dofollow.”
  • Articles will be published, usually within 1-3 business days.
  • No more than 3 photographs will be accepted with the article

Payment Method

  • PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Account

Note: If a link or topic in your article comes to our attention that is considered “spam”, illegal or used in bad faith, we have the right to remove the articles/links from our website without refund.

The publishers at have the discretion to post submitted articles in the most appropriate category based on content and/or links. We also have the right to remove any post at any time based on Google policy or any changes to their policyWe do not offer refunds due to an article being removed due to article misinformation or legal inquiries.